why do men insist on drinking beer and using power tools at the same time?

December 8, 2009 by admin · 20 Comments
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power tools
tweaksmom asked:

can’t tell you the number of partial and complete finger amputations i see every week. ‘36 yr old male, building deck, amputation of distal 1st phalanx from table saw, + ETOH, admits to “2-3 beers”‘

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20 Responses to “why do men insist on drinking beer and using power tools at the same time?”
  1. markinprovidence says:

    Just to piss off women. markinprovidence

  2. Rachel M says:

    its hard to drill with a glass of wine Rachel M

  3. Jim says:

    Were Idiots! Beer goes with any tool? Jim

  4. RebelYankee says:

    Because they suffer from testosterone poisoning. I’ve been saying for years that the World Health Organization needs to get involved. This disease affects 50% of the population and something needs to be done! RebelYankee

  5. UNITool says:

    Some men (and women too) are just morons, beer is for when the work is done… shots are the way to go to save time on the construction site! UNITool

  6. stargazer 100 says:

    I AM NOT WORRIED about fingers here. I am worried about other body parts. SAWS and BEER DONT MIX. stargazer 100

  7. smudgeward says:

    ‘Tis better to have been stoned and forgotten to complete/do the job than drunk and to have sawed one’s fingers off. smudgeward

  8. DAVEG_10 says:

    2-3 beers?
    Was intoxicated? lol
    What a lame drinker. DAVEG_10

  9. MC says:

    famous last words…”ya all watch this!” MC

  10. preciousmoments1962 says:

    Must be the “mans” way of showing he’s the “man” preciousmoments1962

  11. gabluesmanxlt says:

    You know, men get a bad rap. I drove up one day to see my sister in law trimming bushes with a chainsaw in one hand and a tumbler of vodka in the other. gabluesmanxlt

  12. gofetch29 says:

    more power uh uh. lets get a six pack and fix your roof gofetch29

  13. agropelter says:

    I heard of one who got drunk and lifted a lawnmower while it was going. Lost ALL his fingers.

    I think it is stupid to play with power tools of any kind while tired or drunk. I even avoid driving if impaired at all. Hand tools are safer if any beer is involved. agropelter

  14. jimiblueflames says:

    Why do people insist on smoking a pack of cigarettes each day for 20 years, never exercising and supersizing everything they eat?
    Can’t tell you how many open heart surgeries I see each week. jimiblueflames

  15. friendzi100 says:

    just to get in mood for women ….. friendzi100

  16. uncle maddog says:

    They drink booze first to numb the pain in-case of accidents. Plus it helps them to forget their troubles. perhaps woman should drink more beer. Then it wouldn’t be just men having accidents. Then we’d have equality. uncle maddog

  17. Ginkgo says:

    If you think that is bad, take a look at this weightlifter. Ginkgo

  18. sgldadplus1 says:

    Genetic Brain Damage…It’s a man thing…kinda like peeing on an electric fence… sgldadplus1

  19. mompoo says:

    Haven’t you ever noticed that when guys have a few beers, that’s when they want to play with their toys….. mompoo

  20. brisbad says:

    just had a few beers and cut a couple of fingers off with my chainsaw……..thought I’d reply while waiting for the ambulance… brisbad

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